Since 1999


Almost 2 years prior to incorporation, we had performed extensive research & due diligence among investment firms. We observed the common anomaly that asset managers of every asset class were not being serviced or properly supported from a human resources perspective. This was largely due to the fact there was little recruitment & selection expertise in this highly complex sector. It was based on this conclusion that our firm was designed.

From our humble origins in Sept 1999 and very first opening day, we began as a specialty practice serving the asset management community. We strived to understand the dynamics & evolution of the Canadian Asset & Wealth management vertical. Amassing an expertise in this complex sector allowed us to build & perfect our practice to the pinnacle it has reached today. It remains our core practice area. For 13 years, Toren & Associates was originally known as 'Altura Search Partners'. In 2012, the firm was renamed 'Toren & Associates', adding Advisory & M&A business services to the investment industry.

As contrarians to the herd behaviour, we have avoided the conventional practice of 'branching out' or 'diversifying' our business offerings purely for the sake of revenue growth. We believe this leads to practice dilution and business failure. 'Sticking to what we know' allows clients to understand who we are with clear distinction: Industry specialization remains the cornerstone of all value & integrity.