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Mark Toren
Managing Partner & Principal

Mark Toren has spent the last 24 years advising the investment industry across Canada. He has built partnerships with Canada's premiere asset managers. He remains a pioneer in retained search for the asset management industry.

His expertise in growing investment firms, evolved from an unique ability to intimately understand value in areas of a client's business – a talent that arguably, few others embody. He remains committed to forging greater heights and scale with North America's brightest firms.

A steadfast believer in sharing his expertise with the next generation of leaders, his involvement in the industry includes public speaking engagements, (universities and industry events regularly) and volunteer work. Widely considered a leading authority on the asset management industry, he is an author of proprietary white papers and industry articles that have been featured in leading publications including Advisor's Edge, The Investment Executive, The CFA Analyst and 'Announce' Newsletter. He is retained to provide court opinions & business valuations. Mr. Toren publishes an annual newsletter ('Announce') devoted to the asset management industry – the only proprietary publication of its kind to over 500 investment firms across North America.

Toren & Associates is considered a pioneer in the executive search field because it was the first speciality practice of its kind providing advisory services exclusively to the Asset & Wealth management industry.

Born in Leeds, Mr Toren grew up in London England and moved to Canada in his early years. A graduate of Montreal's Concordia University, in 1992, he began his professional career in the search industry. Throughout the 1990's, Mr. Toren took on senior roles, building relationships with banks, trust companies and investment firms. In 1998, he was appointed Vice President, Co-Founder, Talent in Motion. In Sept 1999, he founded Altura Search Partners, later known as Toren & Associates. Mr Toren continues to provide retained search & advisory engagements.

Mark is a passionate follower of leading Classical - Rock vocalists. He enjoys sharing industry knowledge & insights with the University crowd. He can often be found watching world class table tennis, enjoys public speaking and remains an ardent supporter of animal rights. Mark resides in Toronto. He lives with his 3 lions (felines) named Fish, Fettuccini & Falafel.

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Stephen Brode

Stephen has been working with advisors for more than two decades to help them meet the needs of their clients. As a senior member of investment firms and investment dealerships Stephen has gained vast knowledge of the investment business. Through a genuine understanding of advisor needs he has provided advice on everything from process to compliance with the aim of hepling advisors meet their goals.

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