Since 1999


Rules & Corporate Governance.

We understand the fundamental dynamics & economics of money managers. Understanding & Experience are the necessary ingredients for true professional credibility.

We select asset managers with the same investment criterion that Portfolio Managers use to select holdings in their own portfolios.

We run a concentrated portfolio of clients. We engage in a stringent selection of mandates. This ensures the client our sole focus & complete engagement.

We believe that discipline & risk management govern the search process.

We demand excellence, honesty & integrity from Employers & Candidates alike. There must be one standard applied to all parties.

Specialization is not sufficient. Professional Excellence demands a strict master knowledge - subject matter expertise, to be of real value to the client & candidate alike. For the true specialist, this takes many years to acquire. Such a level of expertise governs our credibility. It becomes the standard against which all search consultants are measured. It forms the collective basis for the value we hold & the reputation we have earned.

We do not define or determine the market. We are a barometer of the market. We observe the actions - behaviours of the industry & its member participants. Having proficient knowledge gives us the power to predict & shape their effects. This provides asset managers with accurate, proactive search solutions.

We remain members of the leading Industry & Professional Associations in good standing.