Since 1999

Why Us


As a specialty boutique in a complex intellectual arena, Our consultants have dedicated their own professional careers to the pursuit and practice of professional excellence. For us, competency is insufficient. We firmly believe in the necessity of holding a subject matter expertise and a supreme level of industry and practice expertise. This allows our clients the security of trust and experience to act as a trusted practitioner. Over the past 18 years, the firm has often been the feature invite as a guest & panel speaker at numerous industry events across Canada. This further cements our firm’s reputation for being the leading specialty boutique in the asset-wealth management industry in Canada.


We hold over 40 years of combined experience working in & with the asset management industry in Canada. Providing Advisory & Human Resource partnerships with our clients demonstrates a considerable master level understanding and experience in the vertical we operate in. This is seen in the work we provide and the discretion we are given to provide idea generation, advisory and principal recommendations to our investment clients. With decades of experience, the fruits of our labour are applied with our partners through the work we do. This alone remains the reason why we are chosen to forge powerful business partnerships with Canada’s best asset managers.


Our core business remains the discovery, evaluation and potency of human capital. Within the asset management industry, we hold the largest database of Investment Professionals in Canada. This incorporates all professionals within the Retail, Institutional & Private Wealth divisions of the investment industry, spanning every investment style & asset class. In a super critical, rapidly fast, ever changing market, our proprietary database is constantly updated on a daily basis for every material change and movement in the investment marketplace. We are also known for interviewing the same candidate multiple times within a short duration. We believe this is critical to gain a fuller ‘there & now’ picture of every applicant. Our process gives the client a better overall understanding of a candidate’s true make up over an extended period of time and what changes if any, have occurred. It is the full nature and extent of the unique relationship we hold with every candidate, that cements our trust and credibility across the asset management community.